With the current rate of innovation and hardware advances, companies are struggling to stay one step ahead of cyber and physical threats.

Operational costs are difficult to budget and reconcile and the safety of employees and critical infrastructures are more at risk than ever.

Points of failure in an organization’s security systems are almost impossible to find without clearing through the clutter.



Clear Cloud provides technology solutions, through Security Systems installation and integration, that bring digital clarity to an organization’s compliance requirements. With metrics spanning diversity, health, safety, and security, Clear Cloud removes operational barriers to meet and exceed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Clear Cloud’s expertise spans across legacy solutions to advanced forward-thinking approaches in the Security Sector. Regardless of your current solutions, or need for improved solutions, Clear Cloud brings the toolset necessary to leverage the best technology and cutting edge solutions while minimizing unnecessary refactoring or operational downtime.

While our core specialty is as a Security Integration Company, we are also a licensed Electrical Contractor and effectively complete projects that fall far outside the spectrum of Security System Integration.


There are no boundaries for service. We go above and beyond – where ever you need us to work – that’s where we’re at.

Our Success Factors

Spanning hardware-to-software, local-to-cloud, we work with you to bring greater clarity to your operational scope and tailor the right solution for the right challenge.

Identity, Credential & Access Management

Manage, monitor and secure access to protected resources. The Federal ICAM (FICAM) helps federal agencies implement credential management systems

Video Surveillance & Analytics

Advanced scene analysis for forensic review and improved monitoring; Algorithms for object tracking

Security Systems

Traditional Premise based and Cloud Access Control and Video Surveillance Systems

Intelligent Key Systems

Cost-effective electromechanical cylinders and keys for improved control of access, audit trail, security, and system management.

Service & Maintenance

Investment and lifecycle protection through preventative maintenance and system uptime enhancements; Software Support 24x7x365

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Devices, Sensors and Systems to detect intruders attempting to breach the facility perimeter; monitored pulse fencing

System Health Monitoring

Utilize AI to monitor camera views and provide alerts; detect system issues and proactively correct and alter

Radar & Shot Detection

Utilize advanced warning technology to pinpoint intruders and save lives; integrate into your Video Management Systems for Operational use and efficiency

Visual Intelligence

Achieve KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with metric-based reporting tools

Cloud & Remote Video Alerts

Your alternative to physical security event notification; Quick search of incidents

Temperature Screening

FDA Compliant and Cleared solutions; Reliably providing fast access for employees, customers

Occupancy Screening

Live occupancy data with visual/audio warnings and alerts when limits are approached or exceeded

Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

Conducting a risk assessment can determine threat, vulnerability, consequence, and risk analyses to facilitate calibration of safety and security considerations

Turnstiles, Gates, & Doors

Intelligent Entrance helping reinforce facility access

Emergency Prep Training

Evaluate your companies risks and develop a disaster readiness program for your business and employees

Regulatory & Safety Compliance

Assess, evaluate and identify vulnerabilities and non-compliance safety standards.  Develop accident mitigation and safety compliance plans

Managed Security Ops Center

Customized solutions to reduce unique risks to business operations; Situational awareness and anomaly detection

Wireless, V Band & E Band

Point-to-Point and backhaul wireless solutions for communications and security

Low Voltage Cabling Systems

BICSI standardized, copper and fiber optic cabling systems